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Blessed Sacrament Parish is an open, hospitable, accepting, and faith-filled community that joyfully welcomes all people.  The spirit of the parish can be found in our social activities and outreach programs. As a Christ-centered community, we strive to live in a manner that reflects the Gospel of pursuing peace and justice for all.  We reach out with compassion to those in need, offering and receiving the supportive presence of Christ while enabling others to discover His presence within themselves.  We work with the elderly, feed the hungry and help to shelter the homeless.  We reach out with special love and aid to those heavily burdened.  We pray for courage to face issues, wisdom to consider them fairly and humility to be free of self-righteous judgment.  As a people of God, we seek vigorous involvement in ecumenical activity. 

Our parish community is a manifestation of God's presence and action.  The life of the community is founded in the process of Christian initiation.  It is rooted in Baptism and Confirmation, by which we have been joined to and strengthened in Christ.  It is sustained by the Eucharist, where we gather at the Lord's table to celebrate with gratitude what God has done for us, in us and through us. 

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